The OFFICIAL winner of the Adult Fans of Monster High Freaky Fusion 2D Art contest is Chunk! Chunk will be receiving $14 in Plastic-Curves.com store credit. Congratulations!

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We didn’t reach the requisite number of people to make the Customs portion an actual contest, but I’ve decided to split the prize among the 2 entrants, This gives each $5 in credit.

I would really love to see this as a doll



Ghoul Chat Rochelle Goyle and Catrine DeMew
KMart Exclusive 2-Pack

Regardless of personal monster-style, Catrine has always been a pretty doll. The softer colors are well suited for her.
This version of Rochelle was not as immediately striking but the more photos taken, the more appreciated she became.

Given that the time is 13:13 or 1:13 PM Military Time, they can get away with the heels and casual dress instead of nighttime wear.